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Computer Showcase


Support & Repair

Your i>clicker Sales HQ!


An i>clicker allows you to respond to classroom presentations using websites, texts, audio and video clips. Please check your course syllabi in Canvas to see if you need one.

New i>clicker+ Used i>clicker*
$39.00 $29.00
*when available

Where to Get One

You can purchase an i>clicker at any time with cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover) at both Computer Showcase store locations.

We maintain sufficient inventory to meet anticipated demand each term. It is not necessary to place pre-orders for i>clickers. Please visit one of our stores to purchase.

Register your i>clicker remote ID on your Canvas course site. Please do not register your remote online at either iclicker.com or REEF unless your instructor has given you *explicit* instructions to do so. Registering on either iclicker.com or REEF may cause complications for your grading and prevent you from receiving points.

For more information, please see the i>clicker Student Guide provided by LSA Instructional Support Services.


Bring in your used i>clicker and:

Please unregister your i>clicker prior to bringing it in. No receipt is required as long as the device works, is in good condition and has the serial number intact. Showcase can only buy back i>clicker model(s) currently supported for use on campus. We do have to say: Limit one per student, valid UMID required.

*In-store credit is available only at the time of buy-back. $30 maximum credit; no refund for purchases under $30.

Return Policy

i>clicker Technical Support

If you believe your i>clicker is defective or it suddenly stops working, please return it to the Showcase. Note that the device requires 2 AAA batteries, so always check batteries first. We sell replacement AAA batteries if you need them.

LSA Instructional Support Services provides a detailed Student Guide to i>clickers with setup instructions, troubleshooting tips, and information about getting support from BlueCorps. You are also welcome to visit the Tech Consultants at either Showcase location or contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.