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  1. Select any product(s) from our catalog, and choose to:
    • pick them up from one of our store locations
    • or have them shipped right to you
Departments: This page is for individuals. See your ordering process.

Picking Up?

  1. We'll send you an email as soon as the item(s) are on reserve.
  2. When you come in to pick up your items:


  1. We'll contact you by phone to:
    • let you know final cost
    • get payment information
  2. We'll ship your order to you and send you a tracking number.

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Buying Details

Shipping Details

  • We ship to anywhere in the Continental U.S., excluding P.O. Boxes and U-M campus addresses.
  • Shipping fees (includes insurance):
    • Orders up to $750 (after applicable sales tax): $15 flat fee
    • Orders over $750 (after applicable sales tax): 2% of total
  • Sorry, we're not able to ship software intended for university-owned machines.


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