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Order work-from-home tools shipped direct to your door

In the interest of expanding the selection of work-from-home tech tools available through Computer Showcase, we have partnered with U-M Procurement to expand our offer of direct shipping to your home address when ordering with a departmental Shortcode.

MiWorkspace Customers

The Computer Showcase has partnered with MiWorkspace to make the ordering process seamless. Follow your unit’s normal technology equipment ordering procedure. Non-MiWorkspace customers, follow the steps below.

Order Apple Products

If you are ordering Apple products, please continue to use our regular departmental order form.

Order Tech Products from CDW-G and B&H Photo

If you have hardware needs not available from Apple, you can order through the following M-Marketsite punchout catalogs:

Follow the steps outlined below, and Showcase staff will facilitate direct shipping to your home address:

  1. Visit M-Marketsite and log in with your U-M credentials.
  2. Select products from the CDW-G and/or B&H Photography Supplies punchout catalog(s) — located under the Office Supplies/​Computer heading — and add to cart.
  3. When your cart is complete, return to the M-Marketsite main catalog page and choose Checkout from the cart icon.
  4. Provide departmental Shortcode and an on-campus ship-to address. This is not the address we will ship to; it is simply required by the system.
  5. Edit the "Dept Ref #" with the following information:
    1. recipient name
    2. complete delivery address
    3. phone number
  6. Select Assign Cart. Assign the cart to our Purchasing and Inventory Supervisor, Sheryl Fogarty (sfogarty).

We will process your request and send you an order confirmation within 1-2 business days. Your order will be shipped directly from the supplier to the address you provided in step 5.

Please be aware that we cannot offer returns on any products ordered through this process. If you are not sure what you need, please consult your local IT support or email computer.showcase@umich.edu for assistance before you order.

If you need assistance using M-Marketsite, U-M Procurement offers an online How-To Guide and the ITS Service Center provides support by phone, email, or chat.