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Trade Up Your Tech for the Kids: Dance Marathon Sale - February 25-April 6

No trade-in? No problem!
You can still help!

Add a cash donation ($1 minimum) to any purchase through March 31 and get a "foot" with your name on it in our store window!

What happens when you trade up your old tech* at Computer Showcase through April 6?

  1. You get instant store credit toward a new technology purchase.
  2. We donate an extra 10% of your trade-in value to Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan!

Now is the time to use your tech for good, helping raise funds that make a real difference in kids’ lives. Your tech. Your computer store. For the kids.

For Example, You Trade* Details Trade-In Value** You Get We Donate

MacBook Pro 15-inch
with Touch Bar
2.6GHz quad-core i7

condition: good
$747.00 $747.00 $74.70

Surface Pro
256GB i7

condition: like new
$435.00 $435.00 $43.50

Galaxy S9

condition: busted
$105.00 $105.00 $10.50

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NEW! Remote Trade-in

Can't bring your trade-in to the store? We now offer remote trade-ins for our off-campus customers! Simply choose the "In-Mail" option when you get your quote.

What is DMUM?

Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) is the largest student-run, non-profit organization on the University of Michigan campus. The group raises funds and awareness for therapy programs at C.S. Mott Hospital and Beaumont Children's Hospital that benefit children in need of pediatric rehabilitation.

VictorThon is an annual celebratory event. Dancers remain on their feet for a full 24 hours to demonstrate the perseverance of kids who overcome challenges every day living with disabilities. VictorThon 2019 takes place March 23-24. Learn more about how you can get involved!

Computer Showcase has been a proud sponsor of Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan since 2007.

*Our trade-in partner can accept select Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft products.
**Values provided are estimates. Actual trade-in value may differ, pending evaluation of hardware condition.