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Support & Repair

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New Students

Why Shop Showcase

There are many great things about being a Wolverine, and there are a lot of good reasons to gear up for school at the Showcase. Here are a few:

See What Your School Needs

These schools require specific computer systems for students:
Check out these schools' recommendations on system specifications:

You may be asked to show your Mcard (Michigan ID) when you purchase from us.

Choosing the Right Computer

These are some general recommendations for a computer system that will serve you well at Michigan. Definitely check with your school (see sidebar) to see if you need something more specific. If you'd like help exploring options, let us know and we'll be glad to give you custom advice.


Visit, call, or email us if you have any questions. We're here to help!


As you shop for your student, we look forward to partnering with you to ensure that they get the products they need!

Our business rules (associated with the educational discounts and licenses provided by our vendor partners) dictate that we must match computer and software sales directly to a registered U-M student.

The easiest way to purchase these items is to come in with your student. Please note that your student will be required to show UMID and sign U-M's software licensing agreement(s) at that time.

You and your student may also:

For security reasons, please do not give your student a credit card number (that is not his/hers) to use or send us credit card information via email. Please contact the Showcase at 734-647-2537 or computer.showcase@umich.edu if you have questions about credit card authorization.

All communication regarding purchases (confirmations, back-orders, etc.) is directed to the student's U-M email.

U-M Departments


Recommended Hardware

To place an order for your department, simply complete our new online Departmental Order form. You will need:

Both you and the authorized signer will receive email confirmation of the order.

If your internal purchasing process requires a signed paper form, you can still use the Departmental Purchase form (PDF) and send via email to computer.showcase@umich.edu. Please use the subject line "Departmental Purchase" and specify your preferred pickup location in the message body. And, of course, you're always welcome to come by the store to shop!

Store Pickup

Select your desired pickup location and include contact information for the person who will pick up the order (if other than yourself). We will contact you when the order is ready. Be sure to bring UMID!

Campus Delivery

Campus delivery is a complimentary service for all departments on the Ann Arbor campus. Please fill out information completely, including any special instructions that will assist our drivers in locating and accessing the delivery location. Please be sure that the contact provided is available during the delivery window, as deliveries must be signed for by the person authorized in the order. If more than one person is authorized to sign for delivery, you can include additional name(s) in "Special Delivery Instructions."

Orders of in-stock products will be delivered between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Monday–Friday.

We will contact you via email to reschedule delivery if:


We process departmental sales via U-M Shortcode; we are not able to accept P-Cards due to university regulations. Departmental sales are not subject to sales tax.

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Through Appleā€™s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), all Apple devices purchased from Computer Showcase are fully compatible with the software used to manage university-owned hardware, which means they are automatically integrated with the U-M IT support environment as soon as you make the purchase.

*Some historical Campus Computing Sites purchases were not retroactively enrolled. If you purchase a retired Sites Mac from Property Disposition for institutional use, contact showcase.dep@umich.edu for enrollment.

Gift Cards

The Computer Showcase offers gift cards for use by those faculty, staff, and students who are eligible to purchase from us. The university's Standard Practice Guide has policies that all departments should be aware of regarding the purchasing and dispensing of gift cards.

Please see Section 501.12 of the SPG.


Showcase sells licensed software for personal use. Departments may only purchase licensed software on a Shortcode for use on a faculty/staff member's personal computer.

To buy licensed software products for use on university-owned computers, please contact ITS Software Services.

Support & Repair

Departments are welcome to take advantage of our Apple, Dell, and HP authorized repair service for university-owned devices under warranty or charged to a Shortcode.

Departmental services include simplified repair or replacement of accidentally damaged devices insured by the university. Through our partnership with Risk Management, we can submit the claim on your behalf and receive reimbursement directly. No need for your department to file a claim, pay for repair, or wait for reimbursement.


We're proud to offer all University of Michigan alumni academic pricing that may not be available to you anywhere else.

Local alumni are welcome to shop either of our campus locations, take advantage of our trade-in program, and utilize our tech support and repair services. For Wolverines across the country, we are offering complimentary domestic shipping on online orders for a limited time.

Some restrictions apply to software titles; please contact us for details.


Please continue to consider Showcase your computer store! While some of our computer and software vendors require active university affiliation to purchase from us, you are eligible to shop from a broad selection of products in our catalog.

Please contact us if you have any questions about buying from Showcase.

Dearborn & Flint

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to purchase from Computer Showcase. Order online and we'll either ship your products direct to your door or have your product waiting in the store when you come in.


NEW! Customers on the Dearborn campus are welcome to purchase all software directly from Computer Showcase. We can even ship online software orders direct to your door. In some cases, electronic delivery may be available.


EXCEPTION: Microsoft licensed software must be purchased on your home campus. Academic pricing on that software is available through your ITS Software Store!