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Warranty Information

Warranty coverage for computer and tablet hardware does add cost to your purchase; however, repairs are expensive, and we strongly advocate that a good warranty pays for itself (sometimes several times) over the life of your computer. Our goal is to offer a range of warranty options so you can choose to cover your hardware the way that works best for your work and your life.

Warranty terms are set by the manufacturer, and you deal directly with them for claims. Not all warranties are equal: for example, some cover accidental damage and some do not. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the terms of your warranty when you make your purchase.

Take a detailed look at the warranty options we offer:

Apple Warranties


Historically, Showcase bundled our entire Mac line with a 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan. Starting in March of 2014, all of our Macs come with a standard 1-year warranty, giving you the freedom to choose from several extended coverage options. Our consultants are here to help if you have questions.

Also, we offer the AppleCare Protection Plan as a stand-alone product, so you can extend your coverage anytime during the first year you own the computer, even if you didn't purchase it from us.

If you choose a 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan for your Mac, you need to register your agreement online through the AppleCare Agreement Support page. You will need your AppleCare registration number and the serial number for the hardware to be covered. Be sure to remove the leading "s" character from the hardware serial number if referencing from your receipt. The registration process can take up to 24 hours to be visible in Apple's systems. You will receive a confirmation email when the process is complete. After that, you can view the status of your warranty at any time using the Apple Online Service Assistant.

Apple warranties are associated with the computer serial number. Any authorized Apple repair center (international coverage) should have access to your warranty history.


Every iPad comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support.

You can also purchase AppleCare+ with your iPad to extend your coverage. AppleCare+ offers 2 years of technical support and hardware repair with up to 2 incidents of accidental damage (including cracked screens and water damage) for a $49 deductible.

AppleCare+ must be purchased within 30 days of the date you bought your new iPad. If you did not purchase AppleCare+ with your iPad from Showcase, you may purchase it at any time during the 30-day period from an Apple Retail Store. To buy AppleCare+ at an Apple Retail Store, a Specialist will first need to verify your iPad purchase date and confirm that your iPad has no pre-existing damage.

Dell Warranties

When you buy a Dell computer from us, you are auto-enrolled for the included manufacturer warranty coverage; however, U-M is technically the owner of the computer until after you submit a Transfer of Ownership form.

Please complete this important step immediately after purchase. If ownership is not transferred promptly, you will experience service delays and could be unable to use your warranty coverage should you need it.

Please allow 5-7 business days after submitting the form for warranty information to be updated online. Contact Dell Technical Support at 1-866-243-9297 or via realtime chat if updates are not reflected in that time. You can check the status of your warranty anytime on Dell's Support page.

HP Warranties

Some of our HP computers sold at the Computer Showcase do include a 3-year HP Care Pack with accidental damage protection; however, you must transfer registration to your name. We recommend that you do this immediately; until you do, your HP is registered to the Computer Showcase.

To transfer your HP Care Pack, complete the online HP registration form. (Need help with the process?)

Upon completion of the HP Care Pack registration process, you will receive a confirmation email* verifying that your HP Care Pack was successfully registered. Please retain a copy of this confirmation email; you will need the information if you have to invoke your warranty. Check the expiration date of your warranty on the HP Support page.

*Important Note: If you do not receive a message, it is possible that your email security settings (SPAM filters) are preventing HP messages from reaching your inbox. Please check for these messages in your junk, bulk, unknown or trash folders.

Samsung Warranties

Samsung warranty information

To register your Samsung product:

  1. Go to the Samsung Registration page.
  2. Register for a Samsung account or, if you already have one, log in.
  3. Click on the Get Support tab at the top of the page.
  4. In the "Start by Entering your Product Model Number or Name" section, go to the dropdown menu and select the model number of your product. (Typically, this number will be located on the outside of the box and on the back of the product.)
  5. Enter the product's serial number.
  6. Enter the date of purchase.
  7. Enter store information (University of Michigan Computer Showcase, 530 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1308).
  8. Enter your contact information.
  9. Press the Submit button.

Safeware Warranties

Mac buyers:
compare your extended warranty options

Via Safeware Protection Plans, we offer:

Buyers must complete an online registration process to attach this warranty to their new device. We strongly recommend that the Safeware coverage be purchased on the same transaction as the new computer; however, you can still purchase Safeware coverage up to one year after the original purchase date with proof of purchase and quick hardware evaluation by our Tech Repair staff. Coverage is limited to cost of the computer at time of purchase.

Our Tech Repair service can assist with any device carrying a Safeware warranty. Customers who check in a Safeware-covered computer can receive a MacBook Air (custom configured to run either the most recent available Mac OS or Windows 10 via Boot Camp) on loan at no cost for the duration of the repair.

More information about Safeware can be found at the Safeware website.

Apple shoppers: Safeware is an excellent option for coverage on your Mac, and our consultants can help you determine which warranty provides the best coverage for you. Purchasing Safeware in addition to a 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan gives you accidental damage protection and an extra year of coverage beyond Apple's one-stop global service and expert support.

PC shoppers: Some of our windows computers currently come bundled with 3-year warranties that include accidental damage, so adding Safeware may not be cost-effective. However, this warranty would provide a 4th year of protection. Safeware does provide comprehensive extended coverage for models with 1-yr limited warranties.

What is covered:

Limit of liability is the cost of the unit at the time of purchase.