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Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction Tools


Computer Showcase offers payroll deduction to all eligible U-M faculty and staff; eligibility will be verified prior to purchase. You can order online to reserve products for in-store pickup or to have your products shipped. We also encourage you to review the payroll deduction contract (PDF) prior to purchase. If you are purchasing in one of our stores, please bring your UMID (Mcard or hospital ID) for quickest service.

Payment Calculator

Use this tool to determine monthly payments based on your purchases:

Enter the Purchase Price:
6% Michigan Sales Tax:
Total with Tax:
Minimum Downpayment:
Enter a Downpayment Amount:
Balance Due (may not exceed $2000):
Select a Number of Monthly Payments:
Your Monthly Payment:

Learn more about payroll deduction below or place an online order.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Details

Who can use payroll deduction?

Current regular, non-temporary University of Michigan faculty and staff on all U-M campuses and the medical center can purchase via payroll deduction; please see our eligibility requirements for complete purchasing guidelines and restrictions. Temporary or retired faculty and staff are not eligible for payroll deduction. You may not be eligible if you have an end-dated appointment; we can check this for you.

Are there minimum or maximum amounts allowed?

Yes. The minimum allowable purchase for payroll deduction is $50. There is no upper limit on purchase amount as long as the balance due via payroll deduction does not exceed $2,000.

Is a downpayment required?

Yes. Purchases over $250 require a minimum downpayment of 20% of the total purchase price due at the time of purchase. You may pay more than the minimum downpayment on a purchase if you wish.

How do I make a downpayment?

The downpayment is collected at the time you pick up your merchandise. Downpayments must be paid by credit card, debit card, cash or cashiers check; personal checks cannot be accepted. You can elect to pay as much down as you choose, as long as you meet the minimum requirement.

How are payments structured?

Payment balance after downpayment may be deducted in 1 to 4 monthly payments. For bi-weekly employees, payments are taken from the second paycheck of the month. The balance due to the Showcase cannot exceed $2000.

Payroll deductions may only be paid off earlier than stated in an active contract under special circumstances. Please contact our Business Manager at (734) 764-9216 to discuss options.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. There are several other caveats each buyer should consider:

As a bi-weekly employee, can I choose to pay more than once a month?

No. The University Payroll Department only processes deductions once per month. For bi-weekly employees, that's always the second payroll in the month.

Requests & Approval

What does the payroll deduction approval process entail?

By approving customers for payroll deduction, Computer Showcase has only verified your employment status with the University of Michigan and the eligibility of your compensation package*. Please note that salary data is never accessed and is therefore never a consideration in the approval process. Customers are responsible for determining if their paycheck can support the monthly deduction amount.

*Some types of compensation, such as grants and stipends, are not eligible for payroll deduction.

Must I request online or can I walk in and request payroll deduction in person at the Showcase?

You can make this request in the store on an inventory available basis. If items are not available at that time, we can create an order and notify you when your products arrive. Your patience is appreciated!

Can I reserve products for pickup?

Yes. You can place an online pre-order to reserve any product(s) in our catalog for pickup at the Showcase location of your choice and even make changes (if items are in stock) at the time of sale. We will notify you via email when your order is ready (usually within one business day) and hold your products for three business days. Orders not picked up after that time will be cancelled and products released.

Under what circumstances would a payroll deduction request be denied?

We reserve the right to deny a payroll deduction contract to any customer who has:

Where did advance online pre-approval go?

Advance pre-approval for payroll deduction is no longer necessary. Simply place an online pre-order, and we'll take care of the rest when you come into the store. For even quicker service at the counter, you can bring a completed payroll deduction contract (PDF), along with your UMID (required).

Completing Your Purchase

What do I need to do to complete a purchase?

Show your current UMID and sign the payroll deduction contract (PDF). Downpayment must be paid by credit card, cash or cashiers check; personal checks cannot be accepted.

If you've submitted an online pre-order, please let your cashier know as we may be holding your product(s) for pickup. All merchandise must be in stock at the time we complete a sale.

What happens if I leave my job before the payment schedule is complete?

You are still responsible for the amount owed to the Computer Showcase. Final paychecks will not necessarily deduct the remaining balance on your payment schedule. Please contact our Business Manager at (734) 764-9216 to arrange for final payment. Note that products purchased via payroll deduction remain the property of the University of Michigan until paid in full. Products sold are subject to university rules; violations may result in personnel or criminal actions.