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Livescribe Echo 3-D Recording Headset

Photo of Showcase Item 460002

Showcase Price: $19.00

Availability:  Central Campus: In Stock
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Product Description

Livescribe 3 D Recording Headset Earbuds give you 360-degree binaural recording capability, making them an excellent choice for use in large lecture halls or conference rooms. This item also helps reduce ambient sound and background distraction in noisy environments. Designed to work with Ski WiFi and Echo smartpens, this device delivers superior audio quality for your listening enjoyment. These earbuds with microphone are ideally suited to students and business professionals. They're ultra compact so you can store them in an accessory pouch or pocket for easy access.

Tech Specs AAA-00020 Livescribe 3-D Recording Headset Earbuds:

MFG# AAA-00020

Showcase Item Number: 460002

Stock quantities last updated 10/22/2017 4:50PM